Paul Corfield - The Coastal Path

I've lived in Poole all my life. As you leave the mouth of Poole Harbour you soon see a stretch of land sticking out into the sea which has these vertical white chalk cliffs. At the end of the cliffs there are some chalk pillars rising out of the sea known as Old Harry Rocks. You can see these cliffs from all the local beaches like Bournemouth beach, Sandbanks beach at Poole, Swanage beach, even from the Isle of Wight. Being a local landmark I find it's starting to crop up in my paintings quite a bit, especially now I'm experimenting with the seascape ideas. I don't copy the view exactly, some of my paintings have followed the view quite closely while others have allowed for quite a bit of artistic licence; this painting fits somewhere in the middle. If you ever go over on the ferry from Poole to Studland and make your way to Studland village then you will see a view that is somewhat similar to this. I'm not one to sit on beaches but I do visit this sheltered bay a lot in the summer to spend the day on the kayak. The sea in this bay is wonderfully shallow for quite a long way out and because of that in the summer it's warm enough to swim and my two children will spend the day splashing around while I watch them from the kayak. It's also a site of special scientific interest due to the seahorses that live in the sheltered bay. It's easily one of favourite places to spend the day.

Canvas On Board - Framed
12'' x 24''

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